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forestry enterprise management practices


«The certification program for forestry enterprise management practices defines a framework of best practices and healthy competition for forestry enterprises carrying out non-commercial work in Québec public forests, excluding public land within municipalities. “Non-commercial work” means site preparation, planting, natural regeneration fill planting, improvement, pine seeding, mechanical release, pre-commercial thinning, pruning, fertilization and forest drainage. Through this program, it is now possible to eliminate unfair practices that are harmful to the forest industry and its development.


This program specifically targets clandestine work, sub-contracting down the chain, occupational health and safety violations and the lack of transparency to workers, and it places great importance on the quality of work. It is an initiative of the Association des entrepreneurs en travaux sylvicoles du Québec (AETSQ), Fédération québécoise des coopératives forestières (FQCF) and Regroupement des sociétés d’aménagement forestier du Québec (RESAM).»  - This description was taken from the BNQ website.


In practice, this requires PAMM to consistently comply with each of the requirements specified by this standard. It is also necessary for PAMM to be audited by an external auditor from the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ) every year in order to maintain its certification. Another audit process also applies to our ISO 140001 certification.

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